I was lucky in that everyone in the school I attended K-8 took both shop and art. This taught me a love of making things using a both of hands and brain. Working with leather as a creative endeavor began at an early age for me, starting in high school. I started doing leatherwork professionally after college and have been at it since 1979. Leather satisfies my desire for working tactilely and has a wide range of creative possibilities. Over that time I have sought to make pieces that are both highly functional and are unique. Thus adding to an individual sense of style. The current work utilizes the combination of non-traditional shapes and varying colors and textures to create pieces that compliment a number of outfits.

I have always enjoyed creating things that required a skill set and creative vision. In addition to leatherwork, I also am a winemaker creating small lots of award winning wines. This provides me with the unique opportunity to participate in two artistic endeavors that both reward innovation and experimentation.